Since Savannah’s junior year at Columbia she has been with the media production company AnswersMedia where she learned and honed her skills as an editor, colorist and filmmaker in general. With her three years of experience there, she has branched out to pursue freelance work consisting of commercials, educational videos as well as short and feature films.


It is Savannah’s goal to continue to be a part of stories that are meaningful to her. She is a team player and willing to make sacrifices if it means getting a story out into the world that needs to be told.


Savannah is an Amy Adams Truther and an Adele, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler vigil candle owner.


Savannah Oakes is currently based in Chicago, Illinois.


SAVANNAH OAKES is a Chicago-based film editor, colorist and screenwriter. She also contributes criticism to the film and music site as well as letterboxd.


Savannah earned her Bachelors of Arts in Cinema Arts and Science from Columbia College in Chicago with a concentration in Post-Production. She grew up in a suburb outside of Chicago and was excited when she finally got to call it home.


As a young child all Savannah wanted to do was watch movies. Not having the finances to make movies herself--she learned all she could from the movies she had at her disposal. During her time at Columbia College Chicago she was able to let her passion for film flourish into the skills and abilities she has today. Savannah’s attention to detail, keen intuition and great communication skills make her as much of an asset on set as in the editing room.


Photo Courtesy of Michelle Miles

Photo Courtesy of Michelle Miles